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Who we are ?

We are the independent game development team. Established in Thailand. It starting from the belief of the founder “That imagination is where everything starts.”

In everyone’s childhood there is one play that everyone has ever played is role playing. Which is a play activity where we will use imagination with things around us to create an imaginary world and simulate various stories By playing in this form, in addition to being fun, it also promotes development in areas such as creativity, memory, society, emotions and feelings.

We have seen the benefits of role playing. So therefore became our vision to create a world of imagination for all children.  And we have created our game based on dollhouse, one of the most classic play styles. And develop into format a mobile game that all children can access.

We created the world, created a space for open-ended play. To give children the freedom to be able to imagine. Freedom to be able to play. Role play go on an adventure and learn for fulfills his creativity and childhood imagination.

Next mission

We will continue to create a world, create a freedom space for children to play and fulfill childhood imagination. By focuses on learning, developing creativity and thinking along with safety in line with COPPA.

We believe that we will create and deliver helpful new play experiences for children in the future. Because playing is learning So we never stop creating new worlds for children.